Kitchen Storage and Organization Solutions

It is almost an impossible task to feel enthusiastic about cooking when your kitchen is always crammed and unorganized. And it’s not because you are a mess, but because the space you have is so dysfunctional that it is always demotivating. There is no better motivation to cook for the family–especially now that the merry season is here– than a freshly-renovated kitchen space. And renovation doesn’t always have to be a hefty phase with breaking walls and floors. It can be like a botox, quick and pain-free. Refacing a kitchen with new cabinet doors, or giving a fresh coat of paint for the existing ones, with new counter tops can change the game big time, and is budget friendly at the same time! You always have the choice of doing a full-reno, or going with just the cosmetics. 

Most kitchens have a bit of a dysfunctional space here or there. The blind corner–as it is known in the kitchen and bath industry– is one of the most annoying functionality problems to homeowners. This corner is usually used as a depot to dump all utensils that aren’t used frequently.

Today, there are many solutions on the market to enhance existing storage spaces, and create new ones, with spending very little money. It’s time we get your kitchen to maximum storage and functionality with the below tools. The items below have become a must in the contemporary kitchen for storage and organization purposes. From pantry and cabinet door organizers to pull out cabinets and blind corner storage, there is a huge variety for you to choose what suits your needs best. Having a combination of a few of these items will produce a significant shift in functionality that will change the whole feel and mood of your living space. 

For blind corner storage, LeMans units, Lazy Susans, and Magic Corners star the show among many other options. Each of these is totally customizable to suit your space and taste. Spice Racks have come to the rescue for the upper cabinet that used to be packed with jars and bags of spices. Pull-down, pull-out , and door-mount spice racks are a few of the choices within this element; and a solution as simple as an under sink wire basket can be a huge change in terms of storage and organization. Another important gadget that is stylish as well as functional and important, is the recycle center, or simple garbage pull-outs. It’s up to your taste and requirements to choose which style best fits your needs. You can choose to go with a full recycling center with triple pull-outs, or stick to simple single pull-out.

Remember, our mission is to make your kitchen renovation experience as personalized as possible, so make sure to give us a call so we can explain all the different options and configurations you can go with, and guide you through your design journey to the best we can.