Your closet is your personal designer. Making it a practical and functional place can change the way you start your day forever. A poorly designed closet costs the same to build as a well-designed one. It’s how you design and use the space that makes the difference.

Nobody wants to crawl on the floor to find their summer shorts, and who can be bothered bending down to put bags or scarves on a shelf at knee height? Design your space more ergonomically and you’ll notice things are far easier to find. It will also be much easier to keep your closet tidy.

Closet types in general can be divided into three types: walk-in closet, reach-in closet, and wardrobe.


A walk-in closet allows people to enjoy the experience of choosing the perfect outfit for the day. More importantly, walk-in closet’s design is not limited to time and era because each of walk-in closets have its own unique qualities that you may prefer.


The reach-in closet style is organized by shallow depth. It is usually filled in with shelving and closet organizer systems on the back wall. This kind of closet has a smaller size. Since walk-in closet may take up a lot of space of a room, reach-in closet becomes the new style for a smaller size room.


Wardrobe and armories are the standard and most common, and provide the best storage solutions for limited spaces and small bedrooms. Fitted wardrobes and mirrored wardrobes are among the options.