Whether you prefer a traditional or a modern style, a stylish vanity unit is essential to your bathroom, as it is the only element that will stand out to the eye. Below is a simple guide to a few style, with the most important features of each design.


A wall mounted vanity or a floating vanity is an ultra-modern choice that harmonizes perfectly with contemporary designs. Being mounted on the wall, it allows to show off your tiles-the most expensive element of a bathroom. How much of the tile to show remains up to your preference, as the vanity can be mounted at different heights and can be totally customized to your desire. Another bonus point for going with a floating vanity is the ease of cleaning underneath. It gives your full access to your floor, leaving behind no space for hair and dirt to get stuck or accumulate. You'll get that squeaky clean feeling with as little as running a mop or a broom under your vanity. This setup is ideal for smaller spaces, as they have the ability to make a space seem larger.


Double vanities are the greatest solution for morning hustle. When everyone is getting ready for the day, you no longer have to be frustrated because your partner was in your way or interrupted your routine. Each one can get his/her own sink, along with their own storage space to keep toiletries to use everyday. Who doesn't need a little extra personal space? But, most importantly, double vanities are a big selling point in the market today. So it might be a good idea to invest in such an upgrade


A free-standing vanity gives the expression of a standalone piece of furniture, yet it preserves the plumbing and storage perks of a traditional vanity. This style of vanities create an expanded sense of space, with flooring that continues underneath, creating an extended line of vision to the room. They deliver a custom look, and add character to the space.


The possibilities are endless and the options are very versatile. You can mix and match between styles, layouts and materials, and make your vanity a perfect fit for your needs. But at the end it all comes down to the space available and the budget.

Feel free to give us a call for any questions you might have. We’d love to help you make up your mind and take an informed decision.